Your business is unique, so if you’re looking to increase your business’s online presence it’s essential that your digital marketing strategy is tailored to meet your specific commercial objectives. Our starter strategy package will help to understand your business and social objectives. We will create a strategy that ensures every channel is working towards the same goals. This way you can squeeze every last drop from the digital technologies available to turn your potential visitors into real customers.



A lot of forethought is needed before implementing a digital marketing program. We analyse a lot of aspects including your business, marketing, commercial, branding and customer experience objectives. These, along with our gained knowledge, help us determine touch points in web space and moments in time where users are most receptive to your messaging. Our advanced strategy package is ideal for established organizations who want to understand and develop their current digital footprint.



Setting your digital marketing strategy is one of the most important and one of the most complicated phases of the marketing calendar. From agreeing actions to securing budgets, setting your strategy can be a tough process. We work with marketers and business directors to help shape a digital marketing strategy which is focused on getting you the results you need. Let LDMA provide a fresh look at the digital marketing channels that will help you grow your business online and deliver a strong ROI.